Scene A1: Rian & Eva - nursing the Plants.

Both girls wear jeans, a tshirt and a shirt. The two girls are watering the plants in the garden, and soon end up watering each other instead. Halfway through the scene, a garden hose with a shower head comes down from a window, and the girls shower each other.



Scene A2:  Manon, Anita, Cecilia & Bea - a gathering under the shower.

Two girls wear pants and shirts, and and the other two girls wear long skirts and shirts. Two girls in the bathroom shower each other. Halfway through, two more girls enter and they also get showered.



Scene A3:  Rian & Eva - two sisters take one shower.

These girls really are sisters. Eva wears a mid-length skirt, tights, boots and a kind of sweater. Rian wears a longer dark skirt, t-shirt and shirt and sandals. The two girls play under the shower.



Scene A4:  Sanne - a midsummer evening at Lake Rijkerswoerd.

Black pants and tshirt, leather jackets and boots. Sanne slowly goes into the lake, then runs along the waterside and takes a swim. Later, she takes off the jacket.


Scene A5:  Zanne wants to read the newspaper quietly.
Zanne wears a short skirt, pantyhose, and a blue sweater. She is reading the newspaper in the garden but, at the same time, Marlies is watering the plants with a hose. And, Marlies isn't very careful!


Scene A6:  Lidewij - jeans to remember.
Lidewij wears old and torn blue jeans, white tshirt, a shirt and sneakers. Splashes of water are being thrown over her. Later, she takes a shower and then lies in the bathtub. Soon, she takes the shirt off.