EE Fully Clothed Wetlook Productions
produces DVD's (and originally video tapes) of women in wet clothing.
This means normal, everyday clothing, including shoes- and NO nudity, lingerie or other erotic outfits.

From a young age I am touched by the beauty of women in wet everyday clothing,
I don't know why, it is a bit like women in wet clothing show more of their feelings.

Getting wet fully clothed can be associated with a feeling of freedom and joy- not having to worry about how to keep your clothes dry. In all the scenes, the girls show how much they enjoy getting their clothes wet.
No music is added afterwards, so all original sounds can be heard.

In most of the scenes the women are shown in clean water. 
On some of the tapes, the emphasis is on scenes with (watery) mud.

On some of the 1999 tapes, besides water and mud, also some other  substances like custard and syrup are shown.