If you live in Europe, Australia or any other country which uses the PAL television standard,
you can order all VHS tapes and DVD's directly from EE Fully Clothed Wetlook Productions.

Prices for the tapes and DVD's, postage included. Prices for tapes and DVD's are identical.
Please note: extra costs have to be added, according to method of payment.
  When ordered from Europe When ordered from outside Europe
1998, 1999 and 2000 series 30 Euros 35 Euros
2001 and 2002 series 30 Euros 35 Euros
EE Wetlook DVD's 30 Euros 35 Euros
2009 DVD's 30 Euros 35 Euros

To the above prices, please add the following amounts, depending on how you pay:
  • in cash in a letter:
    When paid in Euros, there are no extra costs , but you take the risk.
    For payments in cash in other currencies than Euros, the countervalue of 3,40 Euros for each order has to be added.
    Please don't include any coins!
  • by bank transfer:
    From within Europe (except Switzerland!), in most cases no extra costs apply. Please inform at your bank!
    For orders from countries outside Europe, the extra costs are 3,50 Euros each order (not each tape!), unless you are sure that you pay all the bank costs yourself.
For receiving the appropiate information for payment in cash or by bank,
please contact us by email.
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